FSQ responds to the draft City Plan 2036

Month: May 2021

The new Local Plan, called City Plan 2036, is a plan for the future development of the City of London, setting out what type of development the City Corporation expects to take place and where. It sets out the City Corporation’s vision, strategy and objectives for planning up to 2036, together with policies that will guide future decisions on planning applications. Once adopted, the new Plan will replace the current City of London Local Plan adopted in January 2015.

The City Corporation published the Proposed Submission Draft of the City Plan 2036 for consultation (the Regulation 19 consultation) between 19 March 2021 and 10 May 2021.

On behalf of Fleet Street Quarter partnership (‘FSQ’), Martha Grekos, Chair of the Public Realm & Environment Steering Group for FSQ, submitted a response to the City of London Corporation. A copy is available here: https://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/services/planning/planning-policy/local-plan-review-draft-city-plan-2036

As stewards of change, the FSQ wants to breath life into the history of Fleet Street by ensuring that the FSQ area becomes a multi-use area, one that cherishes and embraces its heritage but through modern place-making provides the quality and scope to be a designation magnet all through the week for visitors, residents, workers, businesses and commerce who want to live, work, and visit. This goes to the core of making the FSQ area sustainable, resilient and inclusive in the City’s recovery plan post Covid-19.

Only through creating the Fleet Street area as a stimulating and exciting part of the Square Mile can this be achieved and this is why the place-making consideration of the FSQ area through the draft City Plan 2036 is vital.

As Martha Grekos said: “Today, the FSQ Partnership have set out a vision to the Corporation of the offerings and changes that can be accommodated within the FSQ area. We welcome the Corporation’s views within the draft City Plan 2036 but it can support the regeneration of the FSQ area further than currently envisaged and in a more exciting and stimulating way if the Corporation stands back and thinks outside of the box. This is particularly important as we look forward to emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the once in a lifetime opportunity that the Corporation has to press the reset button and to move the City positively ahead to make sure that the City remains attractive to world-class talent, enhances opportunity for all and contributes to London’s and the UK’s continued success. Progress requires change. We want to celebrate the future of the FSQ area and we hope the Corporation will embrace these proposals in the draft City Plan 2036 so as to support the ongoing regeneration and enhancement of the wider FSQ area”.

Major plans for a new 18-room courthouse and police headquarters given the go-ahead

Month: May 2021

Martha Grekos, Chair of the FSQ Public Realm & Environment Steering Group, is
delighted to announce the exciting news for Fleet Street Quarter with the recent planning
approval for the new development between Fleet Street and Salisbury Square, which
includes an innovative 18-courtroom facility and new headquarters for the City of London

Martha said “On behalf of the FSQ, we are delighted that the scheme we supported has
been granted a resolution for planning consent by the City of London Corporation’s
Planning & Transportation Committee. This is the beginning of Fleet Street’s regeneration.
The Fleet Street area has a rich history that presents an opportunity for its reinvigoration
through the modern renewal of its past. Not only does this new cutting edge facility reflect
the City of London’s role as a global centre for justice and legal services, but vibrant
developments such as these in the Fleet Street area create new public spaces and
transform the place to make it more exciting for people to visit. The development will help
improve access to some of the City’s historic assets such as Sir Christopher Wren’s St
Brides Church and will also enhance the public space around Salisbury Square and
provide more attractions such as shops, cafes and bars – all within a stone’s throw of the
River Thames.”

Designed by Eric Partners, the scheme will not only deliver an innovative 18-court facility
and new headquarters for the City of London Policy, but the three new buildings and the
adaptation of one listed building will create 11,783 sqm of office space, 256 sqm of retail
space, 1,1786 sum of public realm and a new pub at the grade II listed 2-7 Salisbury